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my life as a weapon

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Birthdate:Jul 25
Location:United States of America
Name: Emily
Age: 20
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Character Information:
Faceclaim: Jeremy Renner


Name: Clint Barton
Date of Birth: June 18th
Occupation: SHIELD Agent and Avenger
Sexuality: Bisexual
Loyalties: To his team, above all else to the few people he can trust.
Team: Avengers
Superpowers: N/A
Weaknesses: He's completely human and gets hurt as easily as anyone.


Height: 6"0'
Weight: 184
Hair and Eyes: Short and shaggy dirty-blonde and bright blue eyes.

Manner of Dress: Most of the time when he's not in uniform Clint can't really be bothered to care about his clothes. He's a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy.


Mother: Edith Barton (decessed)

Father: Harold Barton (decessed)

Siblings: Barney Barton (whereabouts unknown)

Other friendships/relationships of note: Will edit this as they appear


Personality: Clint doesn't trust easily but when he does he trusts completely. He can be very cocky and arrogant at times but will switch to self-loathing and withdrawn in a split second. Clint can be a huge hypocrite sometimes when he's trying to encourage people he loves but refuses to accept the same good things in himself. Clint wants to be good so desperately but he has resigned himself to a life of being used as a weapon.
Manner of Speech: Clint has a Midwestern accent that becomes more pronounced when he's drunk or tired. He is always very casual and often struggles to comes up with the right words or pauses during his sentences.
Fears: Becoming his father and falling under Loki's control again.
Flaws/Quirks: A LOT. When he gets stressed out his first instinct is to go to the shooting range. If he doesn't like someone he is very quick to anger. Will almost always through the first punch in a fight.
Likes: Cheap beer, fast food, his team, his bed, thunder, lakes, down time (but not too much or he'll get bored and restless) sleeping in his own bed.
Dislikes: People that set out to hurt people weaker than them, his blood, nightmares, hospitals, the circus.
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